Our Story

We believe that versatility is key to befit different occasions of everyday life. That is why FK Hairs is dedicated to shape your hairstyle to its full potential and inspire you to vary your look. Our mission is to empower your natural beauty while daring you to endless hairstyling options. A good hair day can definetly make you feel confident and unstoppable in every situation that you may encounter.

Farah, born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. Youngest of five girls, all with different hair textures. Some might call her the non-conformist or a passionate hairstylist who wishes nothing more than spreading her love for hair to the whole world. Whenever I am not "arting" hair you will find me collecting products and trying them out. Yes, I am a hair product junky! Always wanted to create a premium product line that caters to every hair type & here I am giving it a whirl!